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Key points and information on mobile phone safety:
- Conflicting reports about the health risks of mobile phones appeared in the late 1990s

- 7.4 million has now been invested in scientific research to investigate the effects of mobile phones

- 2004: there are more than 40 million mobile phones in the UK and over 30,000 base stations

- In 2000, the Stewart Report found no known health problems caused by mobile phones, but advised caution especially among the young, until more research was carried out. A further report in 2004 backed this up

- Given the immense numbers of mobile users, even small adverse effects on health could have major public health implications

Key statistics: (as of Dec 2004)

Global Mobile Users1.52 billion

Analogue Users34m
Overall 3G users130m
Overall African users53m
Overall South African users19m
Overall European users342.43
United States Mobile users140m
Global GSM users1.25 billion
Global CDMA users202m
Global TDMA users120m

#1 Mobile CountryChina (300m)
#1 GSM CountryChina (282m)
#1 In InfrastructureEricsson
#1 in Handsets 2004Nokia(35.5%)
#1 Network In EuropeT-Mobil (28m)
#1 Network In AfricaVodacom(11m)
#1 Network In AsiaUnicom (153m)
#1 Network In JapanDoCoMo

Global monthly SMS36/user
SMS messages sent in UK 3/20042.1 billion
SMS messages sent Global 2004135 billion